Speed plays an important role in playing soccer. But unlike runners who do 100m dashes, soccer players need more strength to sustain and maintain their speed in the field. Speed in soccer playing refers to many aspects. For one, players should be quick thinking. Once on the field, they should be alert for strategies appropriate in a situation. They should also be fast in anticipating their opponent’s game plan to make appropriate counter attacks. But most of all, soccer players need quickness to be able to respond well in the game environment.


To bring up a team’s over all ability, soccer speed training is essential. However, most coaches omit speed improvement drills from their practice regimen. They concentrate more on endurance with distance running not knowing that speed work also involves other factors like acceleration, maximum velocity and speed endurance.


For soccer speed training, focus on developing the player’s acceleration. Snatching the ball from an opponent, driving the ball to the goal and breaking away from a guarding player all can be done easier with greater quickness. Instead of the player running speed bursts using the heels, soccer speed training should focus on the use of other leg parts such as the ankle, knee and hip. With this combination, the driving force with the whole body together will give faster acceleration. Along with training for the proper way to accelerate, maintaining full speed should also be included in soccer speed training. This training is done through running with an upright body while trying to stay relaxed. Players can then avoid sudden fatigue.


A soccer speed training program should include increasing speed endurance. That endurance represents the ability of the player to continue their pace longer without decelerating. Soccer speed training should be done on the field and during practice. With that consistent training, player performance will significantly increase. Soccer coaches who work speed exercises into their practices will notice the change in the team’s overall skill level.


These soccer training tips will definitely improve your skills and training experience for the upcoming season. No matter how old you are, you can benefit from the tips listed above and surprise your team members. If you have your own tips that we have not listed in this article, feel free to share your tips below. Good luck!